Friday, November 13, 2009

Chapters 1-4 summary (1938- 1946)

CHAPTER 1 : The book starts off in 1994 with Dedé, the surviving Mirabal sister. She meets with an American writer who has come to interview her about her family. She recalls a time in 1943 when Enrique, her dad, was predicting his daughters' futures. He tells Dedé that she will bury them all "in silk and pearls."

CHAPTER 2: The second chapter is narrated by Minerva and depicts events in 1938, 1941, and 1944. Minerva and Patria go to boarding school at Inmaculada Concepción. Minerva befriends girl named Sinita Perozo. Sinita's male family members were murdered for opposing the Dominican dictator, Rafael Trujillo. Minerva is shocked to learn of Trujillo's cruelty, since all Dominican children are taught to love him. In 1941, the married Trujillo seduces the prettiest girl in Minerva's school, Lina Lovatón. After Lina becomes pregnant, Trujillo ships her to live in Miami. In 1944, Minerva, Sinita, and their friends Elsa and Lourdes perform a play for the country's Independence Day celebrations and win the opportunity to perform before Trujillo. During their performance, Sinita points a bow and arrow at Trujillo. Sinita is stopped by Trujillo's son, Ramfis, and Minerva intervenes by having everyone chant "Viva Trujillo," or "Long live Trujillo." This chapter has a lot of stuff going on and its some thinking to fully understand who is who and what's going on.

CHAPTER 3: The third chapter consists of María Teresa's diary entries between 1945 and 1946. She describes her child hood clothing, her favorite memories. She talks about her friendship with Hilda and the fight with the Trujillo. When Hilda is caught, Maria hides her diary so the police don't find it.

CHAPTER 4: Chapter four is narrated by Patricia and begins in 1946. In this chapter Patricia struggles on whether to become a nun or not. She soon falls in love and has a child with Pedrito González. They have a son and daughter. But their child is born deaf, where Patricia loses her faith and the regains it back by going to church

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